Why dont you try myBrute.com?

Try myBrute, the brutal game, easy to register, easy to play, doesn’t to think deeply… πŸ˜€


The game has cute character, hahaha I like it… This is my character if you know… Cute isn’t it??? Right now ‘ve just play, but I have feeling that I will play this for long…


First just join and create your Character, you can change the appearance and color. Next your stat will randomly given, so just pray you will get great stat. there isΒ  3 stat, Strength, Agility and Speed. The stat can affect your character behaviour in game, like you can avoid enemy attack, or attack twice in one turn, and many more. You can challenge someone in 1-1 fight, the fight is animated!!! πŸ˜€ It’s nice to watch your character fight with other, but unfortunately you can just go to arena to fight three times a day :(. I hate this honestly…

There is more and more in the game, like Special ability, animal, weapon, and tournament.

This is the example of Special ability that given to your character:


if you want to know the detail just play yourself and enter the world of brutality hahaha πŸ˜€

If you bored and don’t have something to do just klik myBrute and enjoy it..

Hey…!!! what r u spacing for?? Just join myBrute and forget your sadness…

Β 13.JPG

One thought on “Why dont you try myBrute.com?

  1. Naruto Episodes berkata:

    thanks for the info, this article was a really useful source im looking forward to reading your other posts later on. πŸ™‚

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